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News Update 7/30/11

Posted: July 30, 2011 in News Updates

Really quick update on the goings on:

I wrote down a list of almost 160 health writers or professionals that I have come across. I am this week going to send out a “Mass Letter” to them all. I will post that letter here when I send it so you can use it also. Please pray that some of those people contribute to this blog.

My first series, on food additives, will start with High Fructose Corn Syrup, since that is a very popular one, and then move on to Aspartame, another popular one.

The Dominion Health Mandate Facebook page is up a running! Please “like” the page for quotes and information that are to short to post here. There should be a link to the page on the lower right hand sidebar here. (If it does not work please tell me.)

Please pray that God uses this blog in a mighty and great way.
Praise be to the Great Physician for all Eternity!


After this post I begin my first series of posts about Food Additives.

This series will be shorter posts then I have been putting out and each post will be about a different food additive that I have been studying.

Each post will include most of the following information:

Name, meaning of name, a little history of how it first was used and where it comes from, what it tastes like, what it looks like, where and how it is made, what foods contain it, why it is used (“Their Logic”), why it is bad for your health, my thoughts, and maybe some posts by other writers.

I will be picking the worst of the worst additives. Some of them include High Fructose Corn Syrup, MSG, Red #40, Hydrolyzed (veggie) protein, aspartame, and others. If you know of someone who wants to write about a food additive, please have them email me at

Praise be to the Great Physician for all Eternity!

I told you in the first Food Freedom post that my definition of true Food Freedom was the right to Biblically steward (or manage), choose, buy, own, sell, and grow your own food that is healthy for you and those around you. I need to add to that. Food Freedom is also the right to know what is in your food and to know how it was made. Why should we care how the food is made? Aren’t all cereals (for example) made the same way? Don’t all apples, bananas, or tomatoes grow the same way? Aren’t we already told what is in the food on the ingredient list?

In order to answer these types of questions here is some logic that the food industry follows:

Imagine a cereal business. It not only must supply cereal to the buyers but needs to make enough money to do so and enough to keep/pay themselves. (Nothing wrong there, because most businesses need to do this.) But there are so many competitors within the cereal realm, how can this one company get you and everyone else to buy their product? The answer is four-fold. They make their cereal price lower then others, look better then others, cheaper to make, and taste better then others. How does the latter thing happen?

The modern food science industry has grown but in my eyes they (and a host of other realms) have taking one step forward and ten steps back when it comes to ethics. They would put mud in food if they would get one more dollar per sell of their product. They all share ideas behind our backs and it can cost lives.

In order for something to taste good, is it good for your health? No! A modern example would be smoking. Smokers says smoking feels/tastes so good, but when they continue for years they might end up with lung cancer and die from that. Another example comes from Genesis 3:6

“And when the woman [Eve] saw that the tree was good for food [Note: the term “good for food” means it was eatable, it wasn’t really bad for your healthy. Not that it was good/right to eat, because God said for Adam and Eve NOT to eat it in Genesis 2:16-17.], and that it was pleasant to the eyes [Note: “Pleasant” also means “a desirable thing.” Something to lust for or something that just looked so good, like a huge piece of chocolate cake, that Eve had to have it.], and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband [Adam] with her [Note: Eve ate the fruit and did not die physically but she and Adam died spiritually. That being said… Eve loved the taste of the fruit so much that she gave it to her husband.]; and he did eat. [Note: Adam also lusted for the fruit because he did eat.]” (If you read on you will see how God judges both of them because they disobeyed Him)

The point is that just because something looks or tastes good doesn’t mean it really is healthy for you. We need to know what is in our foods and how they are made in order to make the correct food choices.

In today’s age the reason food tastes so good is because of the food additives that are in them. If you pick up a cereal box or cocktail sauce container to read the ingredient list, you can’t! The names of the ingredients are so foreign. Like this one: Potassium Sorbate or Sodium Benzoate or High Fructose Corn Syrup. What are those things? What are they made from? Are they healthy? What are they doing in our food?

Ingredients that no one knows about are being put into our everyday food under the banner of Preservatives or Food Taste Enhancer. Really? Are they Preserving your health, are they Enhancing your foods health benefits?

Modern science has come out with something that is relatively new to most people. It is called Genetically Modified Organisms (called GMOs). What they are are laboratory created foods, i.e. foods made by making animal and plant genes by man to make a new “food.” These GMOs are increasing very fast and are being substituted in many foods for common things like corn and soy. (I will talk more about GMOs in the future but for now…) These GMOs are unhealthy for every thing that lives, yet they are put into everyday foods without any label or reference to them! Why is this? What is going on?

We need to know what is in our food and how those things are made. I plan to do a series on the worst of the worst food additives. In that series I will tell how each item is made. (Some of them might make you throw up… So stay tuned of them!)

As Benjamin Rush said:

“Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come
when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to restrict
the art of healing to one class of Men and deny equal privileges to
others; the Constitution of the Republic should make a Special
privilege for medical freedoms as well as religious freedom.”

That time is now. The food and the medical realms are turning into undercover dictatorships that are controlling how we buy our food. Rush compares the medical freedom to religious freedom. Why do you think? Because the medical realm is, deep down inside, a cult-like religion. Doctors are worshiped as all knowing men who can cure all diseases. Excuse me? Medicines are prescribed for basically everything now. Why and how did this happen? (The answer is to long for this post)

So until I do my series on food additives please read this post on called Food Label: How to Read Ingredient List here: Although their list is not very comprehensive and I believe they missed out soon very bad ingredients, this is the best place for you to start.

Hopefully some honest God-fearing people will change to food and medical realms back toward God.

Praise be to the Great Physician for all Eternity!

God’s Dietary Laws Page

Posted: July 20, 2011 in Bible

I made the God’s Dietary Laws page mainly for reference but I encourage you to read through it.
The page contains the King James Version of Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy 14:1-21.

The purpose of this page is for your education of what God says concerning your food. Please use the information to make better choices at the food store and to form a do and don’t list of eating.

News Update 7/19/11

Posted: July 19, 2011 in News Updates

I started reading Excitotoxins – The Taste That Kills, which is a book about how the things we eat effects our and your child’s brain, and I highly encourage you to read it.

I wrote down another list of famous health writes to contact; please pray that they will contribute to this blog.

Read through the dietary laws of the Bible and I’ll be bring you a list of what they are very soon.
I’ve decided to do series of posts (i.e. parts 1, 2, 3, etc) on the following topics:
God’s Dietary laws and maybe a look at the book of Leviticus through the eyes of health, more on food freedom namely the stuff that is put into our food with out us knowing, the biggest “wars” on the biggest diseases, such as Cancer, AIDs, STDs, Lyme, etc etc, and where the mainstream medicine has failed in those areas, and a look at the foods that are directly talked about in the Bible.

And last but NOT least, I’m putting together a book list for the Books of Note page AND I’m looking into starting an e-mail newsletter through WordPress. But that is for another day…
Stay tuned for these upcoming posts!

Praise be to the Great Physician for all Eternity!

“Question: “What does the Bible say about health?”

Answer: Good health is something we take for granted—until we start to lose it. When our health takes a downturn, we quickly begin to question our habits and diet. God has designed the human body so that it is a finely-tuned instrument that is the most resilient on earth. It can endure fractures and adhesions, constant pain and great stretches of tedium.

However, it is a fragile instrument because it is not built to handle excess, whether in the form of nourishment, fuel or additives. Unlike machines, it chokes on poisons when ingested in unending doses and mistaken for fuel. Though it has moving, feeling and thinking parts, they can be misused. God has provided us with an “owner’s manual” that tells us how to operate the human body. That manual is the Bible, a book that contains instructions for proper maintenance. Although it isn’t a medical text, it is God’s Word, and in its pages He reveals many basic principles for good physical, mental, and spiritual health.

A major part of the Bible’s health instruction dates back to the time of Moses. Yet in our day, many researchers and medical doctors are stunned at the accuracy and effectiveness of its many provisions. The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia tells us that the laws given by God to Moses contain remarkable rules pertaining to public health which concerns us even today: water and food contamination, sewage disposal, infectious diseases and health education. These issues were all dealt with in the Mosaic health laws.

The Bible gives us the foundational key to physical and mental health. That key is simply this: “My son, do not forget my teaching, but keep my commands in your heart, for they will prolong your life many years and bring you prosperity . . . This will bring health to your body and nourishment to your bones” (Proverbs 3:1-2, 8). It should not surprise us that obedience to God’s commandments and other laws would promote health. When we obey them, we operate in accordance with His instructions. As our Creator, He knows what’s best for us: “Now all has been heard; here is the conclusion of the matter: Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man” (Ecclesiastes 12:13).

Some biblical statements about health are specific, such as: “If you listen carefully to the voice of the LORD your God and do what is right in his eyes, if you pay attention to his commands and keep all his decrees, I will not bring on you any of the diseases I brought on the Egyptians, for I am the LORD, who heals you” (Exodus 15:26). The ancient Egyptians suffered from the kinds of diseases that have ravaged mankind throughout history. Autopsies on Egyptian mummies have revealed evidence of cancer, arteriosclerosis, arthritis, tuberculosis, gallstones, bladder stones, parasitic diseases and smallpox. They suffered many diseases because they did not understand the health principles God gave to Moses.

The biblical instructions regarding health, maintenance, and recovery from illness involve application of cause-and-effect principles—based on true science—that were given thousands of years before scientists developed the technology that enabled them to discover germs, bacteria, viruses, genes and the like. Modern medical science has discovered many principles of good health, but they originated with God who designed and created the miracle that is the human body.

What the Bible says about health is that those who follow God will generally be healthy. That does not necessarily mean that those who don’t follow God will always be sick. Nor does it mean that God’s people will be absolutely free of disease. The Bible says: “I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well” (3 John 1:2). Obviously, God is more interested in our spiritual health than our physical well-being, but He does want us to be physically healthy as well. On the other hand, disease is a result of Adam’s sin, and even the most righteous may suffer. After all, Job was righteous, but God allowed him to suffer disease and hardship.

It was not until the modern era that men obtained detailed knowledge of human physiology and medicine. Yet the Creator God, who is sometimes called the Great Physician, knows everything about us and He’s provided the necessary keys to good health. The choice to obey them and reap the resulting benefits is ours to make.

Recommended Resource: Faith and Fitness: Diet and Exercise for a Better World by Tom Hafer

(Note to my readers: This article was written by the writers of Find their website here:

“Lowest Price Most Often Wins

It’s consumers choosing lowest price that drives the economy of scale and high chemical using, genetically modified, toxic methods. If lowest price wins, it’s a vote for big agribusiness… system based, high chemical input, large scale agriculture. In a highly competitive market, any chance to cut costs, to offer a lower price to wholesalers, retailers or increase profits for shareholders will be taken.

Unfair Advantage for Big Agribusiness

The US government builds huge subsidies for big agribusiness into the national farm bill. That gives big agribusiness an enormous advantage over small organic farmers, who are not subsidized in any way. If all the external factors were truly priced into food, organic produce would be the most cost-effective foods on the market. Many people in agriculture believe that if there was a level playing field in agribusiness, organic farming would quickly win the battle. However, the government subsidizes corn, soybean, canola, and cotton production to keep the prices of those commodities artificially low, so that people will feel grateful to the government for keeping their food prices down.

The Hidden Costs of “Lowest Price Wins”

The sad irony in this is that the artificially low corn, soybean, and canola prices drive the production of all the highly processed foods that are so unhealthy for people. In short, our government subsidizes big agribusinesses so they can produce low-cost basics that in turn are used to make the highly processed, unhealthy foods that are prematurely killing millions of Americans. That in turn is causing a totally unnecessary health care crisis that will eventually bankrupt our government. It is a huge, huge irony that is tragic on many levels!

Mass Rejection of Big-Ag

Together, we can reject the short-sightedness of big agribusiness supported by short-sighted policy. Ultimately, consumers drive the market. At the moment, most consumers choose lowest price… but that is the poorest choice, with dire consequences for our future. If we want a better world, a clean environment, healthy food… if we want to say no to genetic engineering, that violates the integrity of nature, if we want a sustainable, biodiverse future for our children, we must not let lowest price win. The Big Picture We must value natural foods and support farmers who are working hard to create a biodiverse and healthy vision of the future. To do this we must spend more of our household budgets on the things that truly matter and less on the things that don’t. A clean environment matters, healthy soils and healthy wildlife matter, nutritious healthy natural food matters. Farmers will grow what YOU ask for, the marketplace will shift to your call because demand drives supply. Are we going to keep sending the message that has always been sent… that the lowest price on the shelf wins? What kind of future do we want for our children? If we keep choosing lowest price, we are voting for a world polluted with toxic chemicals and unnatural food. We are voting for sick diseased bodies and a sick diseased planet Earth.

A Consumer Driven True Green Revolution

If we educate ourselves about the TRUE hidden costs of big agribusiness, and spread awareness of the truth to our friends and family, we can create a healthy, sustainable future by people power alone. We can bring about the changes that our government should be making, that have far reaching benefits for our health, environment and communities. Don’t let lowest supermarket price win… choose health, choose life, choose a world that respects nature and the synergy of life…. please value and support farmers doing it right… value what truly matters by choosing organic, non-GMO food. Looking at the big picture, organic is the best choice in every way.

Mike Kinnaird .”

(Note to my readers: This article was made by Mike Kinnaird of GMO Awareness. I will be writing my own thoughts of GMO foods in the future.)