Do we have Medical Freedom?

Posted: July 6, 2011 in Diseases, Freedoms, Medicine
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This week we celebrated the 4th of July; Independence Day. On that day, 235 years ago, our Declaration of Independence was signed, marking our freedom from the British leadership of that time and making us the United States of America. Several years after that, our Constitution was signed and it has been the longest used Constitution for any country in the History of the world, almost 224 years in use!

These documents are the basics to our liberty and the American dreams. In today’s age these documents, and several of our fundamental freedoms, are being questioned, such as freedom of speech, worship, and the like. Did you ever imagine that our medical freedoms are also at risk… The fact is they might already have been taken.

Let me start by showing you some real modern statistics:

This link shows the lung and bronchus cancer death rates of 2007 for each of the 50 states:

The obesity average nearly doubled between 1980 and 2008 in England, and Americans are the fattest in this study of 2008:

According to this study, 32.4% (or about 1 in 3) adults could be diagnosed with a mental disorder in any given year:

Here is a 2011 map which shows that the average body mass of men over the age of 20 has grown since 1980, almost double of what it was:

Here is a “no-brainer” study that links obese children to things like watching TV:

This link shows some “one in “X” amount of American adults” have which disease:

And so on… you can do your own research and tell me what you find.

It doesn’t take long to find a diabetic, someone with back pain, allergies, asthma, acid reflux, insomnia, depression, heart disease, or even a cancer of some kind. Yet, more then ever in history, we have the MOST medicine, vaccinations, surgeries, doctors, and hospitals. In light of this there are still many people without proper treatment, Americans who are dying from “untreatable” or “incurable” diseases everyday. How many times have you seen on TV another major drug being taken off the market by the FDA because it is linked to birth defects or something? Why do you think that is? Are the drugs “they” provide working? Or is it a waste of time, money, and effort to buy them?

Lets look at some quotes from the past:

The thing that bugs me is that the people think the FDA is protecting them. It isn’t. What the FDA is doing and what the public thinks it is doing are as different as night and day.” –Herbert Lay, M.D., former FDA Commissioner.

If what Mr. Lay has said is true we might be in big danger. This really needs to be looked into more.

One-quarter of what you eat keeps you alive. The other three-quarters keeps your doctor alive.” -Hieroglyph found in an ancient Egyptian tomb. (Meaning that three-quarters of what you eat are causing you to get sick and “need” to go to your doctor.)

Doctors give drugs of which they know little, into bodies, of which they know less, for diseases of which they know nothing at all.” –Voltaire

(Read other interesting and thought-provoking quotes here:

Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will
come when medicine will organize into an underground dictatorship…
To restrict the art of healing to one class of men and deny equal
privileges to others will constitute the Bastille of medical
science. All such laws are un-American and despotic and have no
place in a republic… The Constitution of this republic should make
special privilege for medical freedom as well as religious freedom.” – Dr. Benjamin Rush M.D. a signer of the Declaration of Independence and personal physician to George Washington

This last quote from Dr Rush is very interesting because I believe we are at that time in American history. To emphasize my point, consider this: the Food and Drug Administration can make some laws of their own, one of those laws are the following: “Only a drug can cure, prevent, or threat a disease.” (Find that quote here: ) What?!? The FDA, which on their website says they are protecting and promoting your health, is now telling us that only drugs, not natural or homeopathic medicines, are the magic cure-all. Yet, they are taking drugs off the market left and right because of the major side effects that the drugs cause…

In our day, years the government is trying to mandate healthcare for all us citizens (even those who do not want it)… Is the FDA and/or the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) “playing god” by telling us which medicines cure and which don’t? Something is not right here. Are they right? What is correct medicine? What does God really say about medicine and health? I will try to answer these questions in upcoming posts.

If only Thomas Edison was right when he said: “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will instruct his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

People are sick and tired of being sick and tired, and they want solutions and cures for diseases not cures the symptoms of the diseases. People need to be educated in God’s medicine and His cures. Not only would it be safier and beneficial, but God would bless it since we would be obeying Him and His Law.

May God have mercy on us all to re-focus the medical industary back to Him so we might have true Liberty under God.

Praise be to the Great Physician for all Eternity!

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