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News Update 8/30/11

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My Library is (finally) HERE!!!!

Check out the My Library page for tons of books that you should be reading! 😉 More will be posted there as I and you read books. You can find how to send me information for that page on that page.

I’m really considering making an offical petition for Food Freedom in the next year or two (maybe after the next Presidential election… we will see.) Until than, go Like my three Facebook Pages: “Dominion Health Mandate”, “Help for James Stewart of Rawesome Foods”, and “The Fight for Food Freedom in the USA” to find out how and what you can do to start fighting for Food Freedom in the US or your country.

Prayers go out to all effected by Hurricane Irene and to the families of those who died.

(’s article is as follows:)

“All regular readers of NaturalNews know that researchers have discovered chocolate (especially the organic, not junked up with additives and sugar type) contains phytochemicals which appear to promote good health. But no one has had much of a clue about the specifics of some of those benefits on the cardiovascular system — until now. Scientists at the European Society of Cardiology Congress currently underway in Paris just announced that chocolate provides huge protection from heart disease as well as stroke.

That’s great news because, despite the billions of dollars spent on mainstream medicine’s drugs and surgical interventions, the battle against cardiovascular disease obviously needs some serious help. Currently, the World Health Organization (WHO) predicts that by 2030 nearly 23.6 million people will die yearly from heart disease.

So just imagine the fluttering of hearts in Big Pharma offices if they found a no side effect, easy to produce drug that actually worked to lower the risk of developing heart disease in the first place by almost 40 percent. The demand and profits to be made would be enormous. While there is no such medication, it turns out that eating chocolate regularly appears to accomplish what pills can’t.

For a new study, which was just published in the online version of the British Medical Journal, Dr. Oscar Franco and colleagues from the University of Cambridge carried out a large scale investigation of existing research on chocolate. In all, they looked at research involving over 100,000 participants with and without existing heart disease. Then the scientists evaluated the effects of eating chocolate on cardiovascular events including heart attacks and stroke.

For each of seven studies that were analyzed, the research team compared the group with the highest chocolate consumption against the group with the lowest consumption (to minimize bias, they factored in differences in the way each study had been designed). Bottom line: the highest levels of chocolate consumption were associated with an astounding 37 percent reduction in cardiovascular disease and an almost 30 percent reduction in stroke compared with lowest levels of chocolate eating.

The studies did not differentiate between dark or milk chocolate and included consumption of chocolate bars, drinks, biscuits and desserts — which raises an obvious question not answered by the new research analysis. Would the cardiovascular protection be even more pronounced if the chocolate didn’t include extra sugars, unhealthy fats or chemical additives found in many chocolate drinks and candy bars?

The authors of the study did warn their findings need to be interpreted cautiously because commercially available chocolate products are often loaded with calories, so eating too much of these can lead to weight gain and be harmful to health in general. However, in a statement to the media, they concluded that given the health benefits of eating chocolate, “initiatives to reduce the current fat and sugar content in most chocolate products should be explored.”

Learn more:

So to recap, chocolate is good is small doses depending on your health status. If your overweight or if you love to pig out on chocolate you need to cut back or limit your intake of chocolate. The best tasting chocolate in, my opinion, is 100% organical grown dark chocolate. It can get pricey but it is the perfect left-me-up and the price stops you from pigging out while giving you the health benefits at the same time.

News Update 8/23/11

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I updated the Contact page with more Facebook pages and another email for the Fight for Food Freedom in the USA.

The Mass Letter has been posted here. This is only a FIRST STEP on a huge staircase. And everyone can help!
If you like the letter lacks something, or should be edited, tell me! Comment here or email me at one of the emails on the Contact page.

Alot of updates on this blog are coming, so stay tuned for them! 🙂 Here is a quick preview:
I’m working on another Twitter account for the Fight for Food Freedom in the USA. The name will most likely be @FoodFreedomUSA.

Working on making this blog easier to view on Google, Bing, and or Yahoo!. And hopefully I’ll be able to get more Facebook “Like” sidebar options for you on this blog.

Also Books of Note will be changed to My Library and updated.

Here is my “mass letter” that I made in reply to the Rawesome Foods Raid on August the 3rd, 2011. The Facebook page for it is called “The Fight for Food Freedom in the USA.” Also like “Help for James Stewart of Rawesome Foods.”

1st unedited draft of letter is as follows:

“As of August the 3rd, in the year of our Lord, 2011, the people of the United States of America say “Enough!”

 On August the 3rd this year, a small privately owned members only business club was RAIDED for the SECOND time in a little over one year. The crime? Selling raw unpasteurized milk and raw dairy products, like cheese!

Very early on the once beautiful morning of August the 3rd, armed forces (yes, that means with guns) from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), the Los Angeles County Department of Agriculture, and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) conducted a SWAT-style raid at Rawesome Foods in Venice, LA County, California.

The founder, manager, and owner, James Stewart (age 64) was charged with 13 counts. 12 of those counts related to the processing and sale of unpasteurized milk to club members and the last count related to the unwashed, room-temperature eggs; storage method Rawesome members support and like.

 James Stewart was arrested on the sport, WITHOUT being read his legal rights by anyone. (There is eyewitness proof of this.) Should we thank the FDA for destroying a small business and hurting our economy even more in order to “save” us from the evil raw milk? Why didn’t they just pasteurize the milk?

 Rawesome’s entire stock of food was raided. HUGE truckloads of food were taken but while the food was waiting to be loaded they were left in the sun for HOURS; all the milk was pour down the DRAIN; and even $9,000 in CASH was taken! It has been estimated that $70,000 worth of perishable foods were taken away from the Rawesome Foods club and its members and their children and families. But that is not all! The computers and their files, video camera files, and audio files were also taken!

 The initial bail price (no bail bonds) was $123,000 for James Stewart, but thanks to pressure from the public and to a little help from Christopher Darden, the price of the bail has been dropped down to $30,000.

The search warrant allowed research/take any evidence of “interstate transportation,” Documents concerning the Right To Choose Healthy Foods (RTCHF) organization, all tax records, all real estate transactions, billing records, purchasing records and club records, all emails, receipts, cash register data, credit cards receipts, inventory records and so on, all address books, telephone numbers, contacts, client lists, business cards, etc., and the list goes on. (This information comes from

Along with Mr. Stewart a few other people where arrested on charges of CONSPIRACY. These people include Victoria Bloch, Sharon Palmer, and Lela Butterly. All of these people, including Mr. Stewart, are reportedly bailed out of jail with one condition… all but Ms Butterly have a gag order placed by the GOVERNMENT on them! No First Amendment rights any more, I guess… puts everything into one paragraph very well: “…First, the government attempts to take away their right to engage in commerce and enter private contracts. Then, the government vandalizes this buying club, steals their cash, destroys their entire product inventory and steals the computers from the store. The owners (and conspiring farmers) are arrested at gunpoint and taken to jail without even being read their rights. And finally, to top it off, they are slapped with a gag order which prohibits them having their First Amendment rights so that they might tell their side of the story…”

 Although this fight for freeing Mr. Stewart might be over, a deeper darker fight is has been secretly covered up BY the FDA and the government over the past few DECADES! The War on Raw Milk, the War on Food, the War on Raw Food or whatever you want to call it has be going on as early as 1985!!! (And even earlier according to some people)

In July 1985, Burzynski Research Clinic (Texas), the FDA stole 200,000 medical and research documents, and forced Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski to pay for copies to be made of them!

In 1989, the FDA seized the entire inventory and the business records of Pets Smell Free (Utah), a company that produces a natural product for eliminating pet odor. In 1990, the FDA raided the Highland Laboratories (Oregon), a company that produces vitamins and nutritional supplements.

In 1992, Agents from the FDA and officers from the King County Police Department raid the Tahoma Clinic (Washington), a natural health clinic. Because Dr. Jonathan Wright has been giving patients injectable B vitamins in high doses, agents decide to storm the clinic with guns drawn, and seize product, computers, records, and other products.

 In 2001, Forty armed federal agents and USDA officials storm Three Shepherd’s Farm (Vermont), and confiscate and destroy the farm’s entire flock of sheep for supposedly having mad cow disease.

In 2006, Ohio police, Ohio Department of Agriculture officials, FDA agents, and agents from unmarked vehicles intercept a raw milk pickup in the Cincinnati area. They confiscate milk and harass customers, and leave farm owner Gary Oakes so shaken up that he is hospitalized three times for post-traumatic stress disorder.

In 2008, Agents pose as customers trying to buy goat cheese from Sharon Palmer’s Healthy Family Farms (California). She is then arrested and thrown in jail, and her businesses temporarily shut down.

In 2010, Officials from various health and law enforcement agencies raid the personal home of Rae Lynn Sandvig (Minnesota), a raw milk and local food consumer, for allegedly “assisting in the sale of raw milk” from her home by sharing food with neighbors.

Also in 2010, Federal agents arrive unannounced at Camino de Paz Montessori School and Farm (New Mexico) on supposed suspicion of marijuana. After scouring the premises and terrorizing teachers and students, they find nothing but fruits, vegetables, and other produce. And now in 2011, the Rawesome Foods Raid.

I bet you never heard any of this on the mainstream media news channels, cause I know I did NOT.
(If you own a computer, go to for more of these kinds of stories.)

 The government, namely the FDA, is hiding their war. The proper name for their war would be “The War on Food Freedom!” And it is a battle, we hold the food and they bring the guns. Even though there are SO many other REAL bad guys out there, the FDA picks on a small business owner who WAS living out his “American Dream.” It has turned into an American Nightmare!

 On my blog, I have defined Food Freedom as the right to Biblically steward (or manage), choose, buy, own, sell, and grow your own food that is healthy for you and those around you. Other people may have different definitions, but that is mine.
Another definition, a very common and simple one, which works the same way, is, the right to choose your own food or farmer(s).

Freedom of Food, for the American people, and the lust of power, for the government and FDA, is at the heart, the root, of all of these raids.

 Times are changing in America and its time for people to wake up and apply the knowledge in action. Let us take a stand, in the face of the FDA and the rest of the government, and say “Enough!” “Stop telling us what to eat and stop trying to control our food! Let our action of food choice define us, not our action of food control!”

Join me, and thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of other Americans in this fight. It is not about us, but the future generations. Our food choices define our health, our children’s health, and in turn, define how we live. We can learn and eat without the FDA n our faces 24/7 and raiding our other food choices each year.

We are not asking or demanding for food freedom, but we are saying that no matter what the FDA does, we WILL have Food Freedom, once again (as it was when this country was founded) we SHALL have Food Freedom in America and be the beacon of hope for other countries to do the same. Tell the FDA to stop raiding small businesses like Rawesome Foods, stop telling us what to eat and to get out of our refrigerators!

 Join us as “We the People of the United States of America…” “One Nation Under God,” as it ought to be, in the fight FOR Food Freedom!
United we do stand!

The Fight for Food Freedom in the USA
Questions, comments, pictures, stories, etc email me at

“I’ll never forget sitting in the counseling room with her. As a crisis pregnancy counselor, I volunteered weekly to administer free pregnancy tests and provide confidential counsel to people in need. Sadly, I would sit with clients as young as twelve years old.

This particular client didn’t seem too concerned about whether her test was positive or negative. As the timer for the pregnancy test counted down, her mind was clearly elsewhere.

“What are you thinking?,” I asked.

“I know I got herpes from my last partner. This is going to change everything.”

Sorrow overwhelmed her and anger began to surface.

Like many in our society, she bought into the “safe sex” lie and falsely trusted a piece of latex.  However, latex doesn’t cover the entire genital region.  Since herpes is a skin to skin contact disease, she was still infected and could never turn back.  

Herpes is a viral STD. There is no cure.

There are two classes of STDs- viral and bacterial.  Once a person acquires a viral STD, it is for life.  There may be medication to treat the symptoms, but they cannot eradicate the disease.  Bacterial STDs, on the other hand, are curable.  If a person sees their physician and tests positive for one of these diseases, antibiotics are available to wipe it out.  Unfortunately, many teenagers are having genital contact and failing to be tested.

But did you know the following?

§                     STDs are the most common diseases in America next to the common cold and flu.  Source:

§                     One in four teens are already infected with at least one STD.  Source:

§                     One in two sexually active youth will contract an STD by age 25.  Source:

§                     One in five American’s age 12 and over has genital herpes, a virus for which they can only treat symptoms.  Source:

§                     At least 50% of sexually active men and women acquire genital HPV infection at some point in their lives. Sadly, for some girls this leads to premature hysterectomies and even death.  Source:

§                     15% of all infertile American women are infertile because of tubal damage caused by an STD (Chlamydia or gonorrhea).  Source:

§                     To date, there is no evidence that consistent use of condoms during oral sex reduces your chance of getting most STIs.  Source:

§                     Hormonal birth control, while preventing pregnancy, can dramatically increase a girl’s chance of STD infection.  Source:

§                     80% of people infected with an STD have no symptoms.  Source:

Obviously teens aren’t infecting each other intentionally, but the lack of symptoms in 4 out of 5 people is allowing for disease to spread like wildfire. 

And, unlike a boy who may walk away from sexual contact without permanent damage, girls’ bodies were created with an open sexual system, placing them at risk for internal damage that forever affects their future.  Sadly, girls will pay a higher price every time. 

Sexually transmitted diseases are SERIOUS.    

Pam Stenzel and I want to make sure that you are educated and empowered to make healthy relationship choices.  To help you, we’ve written the book NOBODY TOLD ME.  This book is perfect for every student (12 and up).  If you have abstained, this book will offer a window into the heart of your peers, provide answers to difficult questions you still might have (and be afraid to ask), strengthen you to remain pure until marriage, and offer suggestions to help you live that out.  If you have made mistakes, this book will give you the opportunity to hear stories of young people struggling right along with you, but within that commonality our words will provide clarity where there was confusion, hope where there was pain, understanding that your past choices don’t have to define your future ones, and practical steps to redeeming your future.

Please don’t pass this by. We don’t want you to have to say to God, your parents, a physician, or a future spouse, “Nobody told me. I didn’t know.” 

Pam’s website –

Melissa’s website –

Fan Page for the book –!/pages/Nobody-Told-Me/119424511453919

(This post was written by Melissa Nesdahl, co-author of Nobody Told Me. Nobody wants to talk about STDs, but if you or someone you love has one, contact Melissa or Pam at their websites.)

I found on the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) website a HUGE list of ALL of the food additives/chemicals, vitamins, and stuff that is put into our foods. It is impossible to write about all of them, if any one wants to write about one be my guest.

Read the 40 page long list on their website here:

40 pages on added stuff to food! A reminder: some of those things are good, like the vitamins. But still, do we really need stuff like “ACETALDEHYDE ETHYL CIS-3-HEXENYL ACETAL” or “CIS-5-ISOPROPENYL-CIS-2-METHYLCYCLOPENTAN-1-CARBOXALDEHYDE”? (Do not ask me to tell you how to even say these. :D)

On the list the FDA, thankfully, has put which additives have been banned, but not really why. You can do your own research there.

I’m going to continue the Food Additive series for a couple more posts. I will be talking about Red 400, MSG, and a couple others, and what we can do about them. Some words to look out for and conclusion thoughts. Than I’ll move on to a quick series about GMOs and what we can do about them. Special posts by other writers are coming after the GMO series. Topics include Abortion and STDs. If you want to write an article email me at

Praise be to the Great Physician for all Eternity!