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“Aspartame is a low-calorie sweetener which is approximately 200 times sweeter than sucrose (table sugar). The rapid rise in aspartame’s popularity can be attributed to the many benefits aspartame provides to calorie-conscious consumers…” This quote is taken directly from the website found here The writer goes on to list the benefits of Aspartame some of which are listed below.

“Aspartame Does Not Promote Tooth Decay”

Does not promote, meaning help or encourage, but it does not stop tooth decay. So I would not say this is a benefit. The benefit goes on to quote the ADA in saying that aspartame is “safe and non-contributory to tooth decay.” Not promoting something is not the same as stopping or even preventing it to happen. Not promoting something is like saying, “I don’t like when people have abortions” but not trying to stop or prevent abortions from happening. Similarly chewing gum does not promote tooth decay but it does not stop or prevent it either. So this is not really a benefit.

“Aspartame is Helpful for Individuals with Diabetes”

Ok maybe this is partly true. While aspartame is not really sugar it doesn’t directly affect diabetics diabetes. But this begs the question; does aspartame affect anyone else, including diabetics, in other ways? We will see.

“Scientific Studies Show Aspartame is Beneficial in Weight Control”

There is a lot of controversy on this topic of whether or not aspartame causes obesity. I do not think aspartame directly causes fat people to get fat, but possibly the continued use or abuse of it and the foods aspartame are in might cause obesity over time. I will have to look into this debate more.

“Aspartame Can Be Part of a Healthful Diet”

Their logic is as follows: “Aspartame can reduce or replace the sugar and calories in foods and beverages while maintaining great taste. Thus aspartame offers one simple step to help people move closer to achieving a more healthful diet.” This is a perfect example of a This Therefore That fallacy. They are saying that because aspartame is not sugar and by doing so replaces or reduces calories therefore you are less likely to get fat. Calories do not always equal getting fat. They are forgetting the customers’ lifestyles, other foods they eat, and whether or not they exercise. Over generalizations are being made big time. Aspartame might cut unneeded calories but again they beg the question, does it cause other health problems? We will see.


Discovered by a chemist named James M. Schlatter in 1965, the aspartame industry has been approved by the FDA and exploded. Aspartame is in chewing gum, most sweeteners that substitute sugar, like Equal, NutraSweet, and the like, basically anything that says “sugar free,” “no sugar added,” “0% sugar,” all “diet” items, or the like have aspartame in them.

So, what is in Aspartame anyway? What do people say it does to you? Is there Hard Evidence of harmful health risks related to the eating of Aspartame? What foods contain hidden Aspartame? Is the benefit list telling the truth?
Stay Tuned for the answers to these questions in Part Two of Aspartame!

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