A Prayer for Blessing and Protection

Posted: September 29, 2011 in Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice
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Dear Lord, our God, King, and Creator Who is ever present with us,

 I ask this day that You bless and protect all those you seek to end abortion. Bless them that their word and message reaches thousands of mothers that many more thousands of babies might be saved from the death that awaits them in the abortion clinics.

 Please send your Holy Spirit to open up the eyes, ears, and minds of this blind, deaf, and dumb people who do not believe that abortion is a sin. I beseech You, Lord, that, if it be Thy will, to change the stony hearts of those who lead our nation, make them change the laws of the land to ban abortion that future families are fruitful and are not bombarded with the brainwashing lies about abortion.

 Please protect all those who are in the 40 Days for Life campaign that no one tries to stop them, with or without violence. Please make those in the campaign prosper and grow in numbers that Your Truth may be spread, not only in the United States, but also across the world; that other nations might follow and try to stop abortion in their countries under the glorious banner of Christ. Also please protect the children whose mothers might be considering abortion. Open the eyes of those mothers and stop them from killing Your most precious gift of Life and a Soul that might be a great leader for You.

 Thank you that the American Congress has decided, according to Your preordained will and decree, to investigate the sinful and totally polluted organization called Planned Parenthood. The very name is against You, for it is You only, Lord, that plans and has preordained parenthood. Our sins have lead to this organization to rise up and abortion to run rampant in this country. By Your grace and mercy so many people are waking up to this sin and I ask You to bless them and help them in their holy ambitions to end abortions. We need Your help, Lord, for without You, we are but dust. Nothing in Your sight. But by Your grace You see us and hear us.

 Thank you so much that there are groups like Live Action and the 40 Days for Life who care and act upon their beliefs. You, Lord, always give hope for a better tomorrow and these people are acting toward that goal. Please raise up leaders for this purpose and for the Glorification and Advancement Your Kingdom of Saints and that Your Name and word might cover the earth as the waters cover the seas.

 In the Name, which is above every Name, even the Name of Jesus Christ our only Savior, King, and Mediator, I pray this.


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