Do You Stand with Indiana?

Posted: October 6, 2011 in Help Someone Else, Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice
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The pro-life group Live Action has made a petition a while back in support to the state of Indiana when it de-funded Planned Parenthood. The following is the message of the petition. Please sign it through their website (link below) if you agree with their following petition:

“Dear President Obama:

We the undersigned are taxpaying Americans concerned and dismayed at your administration’s single-minded support of the abortion industry in general and of Planned Parenthood in particular, the biggest abortion chain in the country. We are especially troubled at your administration’s most recent, unprecedented intervention on behalf of Planned Parenthood against Indiana’s new law preventing Medicaid reimbursements of abortion organizations. Planned Parenthood serves less than 1% of Indiana’s Medicaid patients, but commits over 50% of the state’s abortions.

It is open knowledge that Medicaid is a state-run program and that states have the authority to individually determine the details of their own Medicaid programs, including setting eligibility standards for reimbursable providers. Your administration’s attempt to micromanage a state program is a gross violation of our country’s principles of federalism and is nothing less than an illegitimate power grab in the service of the abortion lobby. You have matched the extremity of your pro-abortion policies with an equally extreme means of implementing them.

We do not want any of our tax dollars going to support the biggest abortion business in America, Planned Parenthood, and we stand with Indiana and every other state that has moved to defund Planned Parenthood against your administration’s federal strong-arming. In the present matter of the Indiana law, we demand that your administration:

1) Withdraw its brief filed in the District Court of Southern Indiana in support of Planned Parenthood’s private civil suit against the State of Indiana;

2) Direct CMS (Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services) to approve Indiana’s new Medicaid provider standards;

3) Issue a public clarification that Medicaid is a state-run program under which states may determine provider eligibility standards and your administration will not interfere with this state authority.


-The Undersigned”

Sign the petition here:


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