Wongrowitz, Germany, 1881: Max Gerson is born.

 1909: Max Gerson graduates from Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg (English: University of Freiburg), whichhas been called by the Germans the “University of Excellence” because of all the famous minds who have passed through the university. Minds like David Daube and Friedrich August Hayek and many others who received Nobel prizes.

At age 28, the now Doctor Max Gerson began practicing medicine in Germany.

Dr Gerson suffered from many severe migraines these led him to look for a cure. He tried the “milk diet” and that did not work. This led him farther to finding his own cure. Dr Gerson tried his own fruit-and-vegetable diet, this was the building blocks of his famous Gerson therapy later on in life.

Dr Gerson served in World War 1, after which he “set up shop” in Bielefeld, Germany where he was able to cure “446 out of 450 supposedly incurable cases of lupus.”

Later Dr Gerson immigrated to the United States where he received citizenship and began going to school (first and second grade) to learn English. He was than able to continue his medical practice in New York City where his success was even greater than he himself imagined.

July, 1946, Dr Gerson had to present his healing techniques before a United States Senate subcommittee where he stated that his healing was done by organic fruit-and-vegetable therapy. This made the American Medical Association (AMA) very uncomfortable and mad. The AMA attacked Dr Gerson’s method by stating “There is no scientific evidence whatsoever to indicate that modifications in the dietary intake of food or other nutritional essentials are of any specific value in the control of cancer.” They pressured doctors, hospitals, and organizations not to do any business with Dr Gerson.

Dr Gerson went on a radio show to talk and defend his views and healing methods. In turn the AMA threatened the radio show.

In 1958, Dr Gerson published a book called A Cancer Therapy: Results of 50 Cases.

Sadly in 1959, at the age of 78 (by the way the life expectancy of 1959 was about 68 years old on average for males), Dr Max Gerson died of what is said to have been pneumonia. Many people today believe that Dr Gerson died of poisoning, by the AMA or another organization of the time no one knows but the debate and investigations and very much in the background today.

Albert Schweitzer M.D., a Nobel prize winner, was Dr Gerson’s lifetime friend after Dr. Gerson’s therapy cured Schweitzer of his Type II diabetes, cured Albert’s daughter of a chronic skin condition, and saved the life of Albert’s wife, suffering from tuberculosis of the lung which had not responded to conventional treatment. He stated, “I see in him one of the most eminent medical geniuses in the history of medicine. …Unfortunately, he could not engage in scientific research or teach; and he was greatly impeded by adverse political conditions.

In ordinary times he would have been able to expound his ideas for many years as a professor at one of the important German universities; would have taught pupils who could carry on his research and teachings; would have found recognition and encouragement. … All this was denied him.

His was the hard lot of searching and working as an uprooted immigrant, to be challenged and stand as a fighter. We who knew and understood him admired him for working his way out of discouragement again and again, and for undertaking to conquer the obstacles.”

Dr Max Gerson, the “unsung hero of modern medicine,” the “miracle man,” or the “blessing from God” as I say. He truly was a blessing from God, whether or not he was a Christian, Lutheran, or Jew; he impacted his world in mighty ways and his healing methods continue to be practiced today through the Gerson Institute, which was founded by his daughter.

(For more information… Howard Strauss, Dr Gerson’s grandson, has written a book, which I have yet to read, called Dr. Max Gerson: Healing the Hopeless, in which the writer details Dr Gerson’s life and therapy that works.)

May God be pleased to raise up more “Dr Gersons” who in the face of the government and in the face of danger stand up for what he believed and who, whether he realized or not, showed the world how God’s food is the cure for incurable illnesses and that God’s way is the hope for the hopeless.

 Praise be to the Great Physician for all Eternity!

  1. Sarah says:

    Happy 130th Birthday Dr. Gerson!!!!
    I will try that cure for migraines on my Mom 😀

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