News Update 10/20/11

Posted: October 20, 2011 in News Updates
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The last two posts are really long but extremely important and informative for those who are thinking about having an abortion. These should be posted in all abortion clinics, but that would make them lose business, which in this case to me is a good thing!

Now for the news…

I’m working on two MAJOR petitions. They are currently in the editing phase but will be made official and posted here by or before Thanksgiving Day. The day will be even more meaningful because one petition is about the FDA and indirectly about food freedom and the other is about abortion and life. Life and Food. Two of the most blessed gifts God in His Mercy has given us.

In time for Halloween I will have specials about the holiday in a Biblical Christian worldview. This is a hotly debated topic and I hope to have a lot of comments on them. I than will have a post about Halloween from a health stand point. It will be very interesting and a can’t miss. So do not miss those posts! 😀

Also I am looking into making a Dominion Health Mandate account on Linkedin.

While I’m doing all this please Like my Facebook page, Sign Up your email, and or Follow my Twitter account for this blog for faster updates on new posts. Also this blog’s email is on Yahoo! If you email me I can add you to my contact list for even faster updates! Enjoy and Stay Tuned!

Praise be to the Great Physician for all Eternity!


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