About & Welcome

Welcome to the Dominion Health Mandate blog on WordPress!

The mission of this blog is to continually teach you the reader what I have read, will read, and learned about natural health, mainstream medicines, and everything in between with a Christ Centered Biblical Worldview.

Each part of the name means something about this blog…

Dominion – At the end of Matthew 28, Jesus Christ the Lord of all creation calls us Christians to “Teach all nations…” What better way to do that but through the Internet? In Psalm 72:8 the Bible says that God will have dominion over the entire earth and if you are a Postmillennialist that dominion will happen in time and history.

Health – This is the basic theme of this blog. God told Adam and Eve (also to Noah, and us) in Genesis to be stewards of the earth. God also tells us through Paul the Apostle in 1st Corinthians 3:16 that we, His people, are the temples of God’s Holy Spirit. We ought to take care of that temple by being Stewards of our bodies. If you look around you it will not take long before you find that the human race has failed in both stewardship roles.

Mandate – The word mandate means “an authoritative {direct} command, an order.” Royal mandates must be obeyed without question. God is the Royal King of the whole earth, right? So we ought to obey His mandate to be stewards of our bodies and to teach others to do so.

This blog will not only show you how man has failed to protect and be proper stewards of our bodies (and the earth) but also provide solutions to the problems we face.

Jesus Christ is the Great Physician of Eternity and we are always in His Hands, even if we do not feel like we are. And even when we are sick. God has provided us with the laws and tools needed to maintain a healthy mind, body, and spirit according to His Will. We must listen and follow Him steadfastly.

Praise by to the Great Physician for all Eternity!


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