Other Blogs

Here is a list of links to blogs that I have found to be very note worthy indeed. Please read and follow them, you will not regret it.

The Reformed Inquisitor: A fairly new blog on WordPress which is writen by various authors that are dedicated to applying God’s Word to every area of life. Their philosophy is simple; Scripture alone. Read more here:


A Christian Ambassador hopes to shed some light on the world of philosophy for the cause of Jesus Christ. Read more here:


The official blog of the Rebelution cause. What in the world is Rebelution? Find out (Join their forum while you are at it, I did…) here:


The official blog of the New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy. See the world through a Christ-centered Biblical worldview here:


Truth for American Teens is a teenage group made for teens, by teen. Their slogan is “American Politics and True History for Today’s Teens.” Very informative. Read more here:


K.C.’s Lyme Journey (a blog). Don’t have any idea what that is or means? Well, you better read the blog now to find out. Read it here:


The blog home of NaturalCures.com by Kevin Trudeau is found here on WordPress:


(Do you have a blog? Contact me and I’ll put up a link here.)

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