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Here is a quick article from the author of Cure Tooth Decay, from his newsletter, for your Thanksgiving meal…

“Here are a few tips to prevent and reduce your chances of cavities
this thanksgiving.

1. Put giblets in your gravy, and eat plenty of gravy. The
flavorful organs from your turkey have important minerals and fat
soluble vitamins that will help prevent cavities. The fat and
gelatin from well-made gravy will help your body digest and absorb
your thanksgiving meal.

2. Cook with grass-fed butter. Butter from happy cows on pastures
will give your body nourishing fat, making your thanksgiving food
taste good, and providing your body with important vitamins and

3. Eat dessert moderately and with butter or cream. Don’t eat too
much dessert. And when you do eat it, try to have it with fat, such
as pie with homemade ice cream or pie with whipped cream. Watch out
for store-bought ice cream as the milk is usually not grass-fed and
is often homogenized to make the texture creamy.

4. Take some fermented cod liver oil. Green Pastures Fermented Cod
Liver Oil will help provide missing vitamins for your teeth and
bones that can prevent or reduce your rate of cavities during the
holidays. (Available at:

5. Eat plenty of vegetables. Vegetables help balance our body and
provide minerals for healthy teeth, bones and gums.

Happy Holidays,
Ramiel Nagel
Author of Cure Tooth Decay

There is no need to change your entire menu because of this article. Calcium and Vitamin D rich foods will help support bone growth and health and that includes teeth. A simple answer that will help reduce tooth decay is to drink a little water before and after your meal and during dessert. Better to be a little safe than a lot sorry.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving as you enjoy your evening meal! 😀

In my personal research I found this article and thought that you readers might be enlightened by it. Enjoy!

“Many individuals are unaware that the health of your mouth can have an enormous effect on the health of your whole body. Oral diseases can even shorten your lifespan. Additional and more scientists are discovering that individuals with poor oral health are vulnerable to a number of sicknesses and degenerative diseases.

One of the elements of Biological Dentistry is dental detox. The main target is on getting rid of the toxic pollution that may be found in your mouth – pollution that’s typically caused by previous dental work.

Dentistry has made huge strides and your dentist should be commended for his or her commitment to excellence. But, certain unintended consequences of modern dentistry can hurt your health.

Some of the main sources of dental toxicity are:

1. Gum disease

2. Mercury fillings

3. Cavitations

4. Root canals

These sources of dental toxicity can: lower the immune system; result in low level infections; kill nervous system and brain cells; result in auto immune disorders, chronic fatigue, Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS), Leukemia, Alzheimer’s, high cholesterol, birth defects, and emotional and mental problems, as well as attempting suicide. Dental detox is here to heal you.

Using the dental detox and body detox methods of Biological dentistry, you’re treated with a whole body approach, not simply for the problems you are facing now. Biological dentists are inquisitive about generating overall health through detox, nutrition, the proper alignment of the jaw, and the prevention of TMJ.

They also work hard to make sure patients are well educated about the very best type of preventive care out there. They try to develop new equipment and techniques which will make the patient more comfortable and safe when going through restorative and corrective treatments.

Biological dentists are concerned about long term health. This is why they often recommend that toxic mercury amalgam fillings be replaced with biocompatible materials. It is also why they focus on healing cavitations in the jaw bone and removing dead root-canalled teeth.

Analysis continues to show us that we can live longer and healthier by taking better care of our mouths. Though not everybody reacts the same, Biological dentistry has thousands of reports of various physical and emotional diseases being taken care of through the correct kind of treatments.

Through dental detox and body detox programs, you’ll have a healthier immune system, feel and appear younger, stop toxic emotions, help purify your blood, clean your digestive tract of mucus, fermentation, inflammation, and congestion, facilitate get rid of terrible arthritis pain, and several other things. This program gives you the data you wish, and also the support required for you to stop your suffering and pain for the rest of your life.

About the Author: Dr Sambataro
Check out our video at and get your free report on what may be missing in your detox program. Dr. Gene Eberts is a Health Psychologist and an internationally respected 30-year veteran in the field of mind/body healing. He will show you how to heal your illness, end your suffering; live a life filled with profound joy, love and freedom. Know how to detox your body for a better, healthier and a prosperous life.”

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