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I have decided to add this new category to the blog – Website Reviews.

Any time I see a really good, or really bad, website whose focus is health and healing I will post a simple review of it on here for your benefit.

I’ll be grading the websites I find according to the following points:

1) Amount of Information (Would you find what you were looking for on the website?)
2) Understanding of Information (How well does the author explain what they are writing about? Do they understand the information themselves?)
3) Reasons behind Website (Why did the author create the website in the first place?)
4) Ministry and Stewardship (Is the website/author doing a good work in the community and is the author being proactive in their knowledge and ministry online or offline?)
5) Standard of Truth (What does the author believe in with regards to life, health, and healing? What do they believe is True?)

All of these 5 points work together. I tried very hard to apply Exodus 31:1-5 to this field in order to get these five points. I hope you enjoy this new category of the blog and use it to analyze other websites you come across as well.

Praise by to the Great Physician for all Eternity!