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If you want to write an article for this blog, if you have tips, stories, testimonies, pictures, books or blogs to add to my lists, comments that you do not want to post, questions, or if you know of someone who might want to write an article, if you know a doctor who would want to write or have his or her contacts on here, or whatever, please e-mail (no Spam please) me at the following address:

Like the Dominion Health Mandate Facebook page for previews, quick updates, pictures, quotes, easy sharing, and more.

Follow me on Twitter for easy sharing, quick thoughts or updates, short quotes, links, other tweet accounts of interest, and more.

Follow me: @DHM_blog

On Facebook I made two pages in reply to the Rawesome Foods Raid in Venice, Los Angeles, California, on August 3rd 2011.  The names are as follows:

“Help for James Stewart of Rawesome Foods” – Tons of videos, pictures, articles, and comment from over 360 people about the raid and Rawesome Foods’ condition. A ton of vistor comments, ideas, and brainstorming about what to do. I’m giving previews of my petition there soon.

“The Fight for Food Freedom in the USA” – The name says it all. A growing group of people who are standing for Biblical food freedom in the USA. The Mass Letter is posted in the info page there. This is just a FIRST STEP to great things in store. “Like” BOTH of these pages to stay informed on the Fight for Food Freedom in the USA. The long link is:
The shortened link is here:

Want to help? Email me at


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