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Here is my “mass letter” that I made in reply to the Rawesome Foods Raid on August the 3rd, 2011. The Facebook page for it is called “The Fight for Food Freedom in the USA.” Also like “Help for James Stewart of Rawesome Foods.”

1st unedited draft of letter is as follows:

“As of August the 3rd, in the year of our Lord, 2011, the people of the United States of America say “Enough!”

 On August the 3rd this year, a small privately owned members only business club was RAIDED for the SECOND time in a little over one year. The crime? Selling raw unpasteurized milk and raw dairy products, like cheese!

Very early on the once beautiful morning of August the 3rd, armed forces (yes, that means with guns) from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), the Los Angeles County Department of Agriculture, and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) conducted a SWAT-style raid at Rawesome Foods in Venice, LA County, California.

The founder, manager, and owner, James Stewart (age 64) was charged with 13 counts. 12 of those counts related to the processing and sale of unpasteurized milk to club members and the last count related to the unwashed, room-temperature eggs; storage method Rawesome members support and like.

 James Stewart was arrested on the sport, WITHOUT being read his legal rights by anyone. (There is eyewitness proof of this.) Should we thank the FDA for destroying a small business and hurting our economy even more in order to “save” us from the evil raw milk? Why didn’t they just pasteurize the milk?

 Rawesome’s entire stock of food was raided. HUGE truckloads of food were taken but while the food was waiting to be loaded they were left in the sun for HOURS; all the milk was pour down the DRAIN; and even $9,000 in CASH was taken! It has been estimated that $70,000 worth of perishable foods were taken away from the Rawesome Foods club and its members and their children and families. But that is not all! The computers and their files, video camera files, and audio files were also taken!

 The initial bail price (no bail bonds) was $123,000 for James Stewart, but thanks to pressure from the public and to a little help from Christopher Darden, the price of the bail has been dropped down to $30,000.

The search warrant allowed research/take any evidence of “interstate transportation,” Documents concerning the Right To Choose Healthy Foods (RTCHF) organization, all tax records, all real estate transactions, billing records, purchasing records and club records, all emails, receipts, cash register data, credit cards receipts, inventory records and so on, all address books, telephone numbers, contacts, client lists, business cards, etc., and the list goes on. (This information comes from

Along with Mr. Stewart a few other people where arrested on charges of CONSPIRACY. These people include Victoria Bloch, Sharon Palmer, and Lela Butterly. All of these people, including Mr. Stewart, are reportedly bailed out of jail with one condition… all but Ms Butterly have a gag order placed by the GOVERNMENT on them! No First Amendment rights any more, I guess… puts everything into one paragraph very well: “…First, the government attempts to take away their right to engage in commerce and enter private contracts. Then, the government vandalizes this buying club, steals their cash, destroys their entire product inventory and steals the computers from the store. The owners (and conspiring farmers) are arrested at gunpoint and taken to jail without even being read their rights. And finally, to top it off, they are slapped with a gag order which prohibits them having their First Amendment rights so that they might tell their side of the story…”

 Although this fight for freeing Mr. Stewart might be over, a deeper darker fight is has been secretly covered up BY the FDA and the government over the past few DECADES! The War on Raw Milk, the War on Food, the War on Raw Food or whatever you want to call it has be going on as early as 1985!!! (And even earlier according to some people)

In July 1985, Burzynski Research Clinic (Texas), the FDA stole 200,000 medical and research documents, and forced Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski to pay for copies to be made of them!

In 1989, the FDA seized the entire inventory and the business records of Pets Smell Free (Utah), a company that produces a natural product for eliminating pet odor. In 1990, the FDA raided the Highland Laboratories (Oregon), a company that produces vitamins and nutritional supplements.

In 1992, Agents from the FDA and officers from the King County Police Department raid the Tahoma Clinic (Washington), a natural health clinic. Because Dr. Jonathan Wright has been giving patients injectable B vitamins in high doses, agents decide to storm the clinic with guns drawn, and seize product, computers, records, and other products.

 In 2001, Forty armed federal agents and USDA officials storm Three Shepherd’s Farm (Vermont), and confiscate and destroy the farm’s entire flock of sheep for supposedly having mad cow disease.

In 2006, Ohio police, Ohio Department of Agriculture officials, FDA agents, and agents from unmarked vehicles intercept a raw milk pickup in the Cincinnati area. They confiscate milk and harass customers, and leave farm owner Gary Oakes so shaken up that he is hospitalized three times for post-traumatic stress disorder.

In 2008, Agents pose as customers trying to buy goat cheese from Sharon Palmer’s Healthy Family Farms (California). She is then arrested and thrown in jail, and her businesses temporarily shut down.

In 2010, Officials from various health and law enforcement agencies raid the personal home of Rae Lynn Sandvig (Minnesota), a raw milk and local food consumer, for allegedly “assisting in the sale of raw milk” from her home by sharing food with neighbors.

Also in 2010, Federal agents arrive unannounced at Camino de Paz Montessori School and Farm (New Mexico) on supposed suspicion of marijuana. After scouring the premises and terrorizing teachers and students, they find nothing but fruits, vegetables, and other produce. And now in 2011, the Rawesome Foods Raid.

I bet you never heard any of this on the mainstream media news channels, cause I know I did NOT.
(If you own a computer, go to for more of these kinds of stories.)

 The government, namely the FDA, is hiding their war. The proper name for their war would be “The War on Food Freedom!” And it is a battle, we hold the food and they bring the guns. Even though there are SO many other REAL bad guys out there, the FDA picks on a small business owner who WAS living out his “American Dream.” It has turned into an American Nightmare!

 On my blog, I have defined Food Freedom as the right to Biblically steward (or manage), choose, buy, own, sell, and grow your own food that is healthy for you and those around you. Other people may have different definitions, but that is mine.
Another definition, a very common and simple one, which works the same way, is, the right to choose your own food or farmer(s).

Freedom of Food, for the American people, and the lust of power, for the government and FDA, is at the heart, the root, of all of these raids.

 Times are changing in America and its time for people to wake up and apply the knowledge in action. Let us take a stand, in the face of the FDA and the rest of the government, and say “Enough!” “Stop telling us what to eat and stop trying to control our food! Let our action of food choice define us, not our action of food control!”

Join me, and thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of other Americans in this fight. It is not about us, but the future generations. Our food choices define our health, our children’s health, and in turn, define how we live. We can learn and eat without the FDA n our faces 24/7 and raiding our other food choices each year.

We are not asking or demanding for food freedom, but we are saying that no matter what the FDA does, we WILL have Food Freedom, once again (as it was when this country was founded) we SHALL have Food Freedom in America and be the beacon of hope for other countries to do the same. Tell the FDA to stop raiding small businesses like Rawesome Foods, stop telling us what to eat and to get out of our refrigerators!

 Join us as “We the People of the United States of America…” “One Nation Under God,” as it ought to be, in the fight FOR Food Freedom!
United we do stand!

The Fight for Food Freedom in the USA
Questions, comments, pictures, stories, etc email me at

Latest from

“(NaturalNews) One of the most astounding elements of yesterday’s SWAT-style armed raid on Rawesome Foods in Venice, California is the simple fact that both California and the U.S. government are completely and utterly bankrupt. They’re running on financial fumes, and at the federal level, a total debt default was just narrowly avoided (and it will come back again in a few months). But even though these government entities are fiscally and morally bankrupt, when it comes to making decisions about how to spend the money they’re confiscated from taxpayers, they prioritize things like terrorizing health food buyer’s clubs such as Rawesome Foods. (…)

On the scale of harm to the public, the actions of the FDA and the pharmaceutical industry are legendary. Over 100,000 Americans are killed each year by FDA-approved drugs, and yet there’s absolutely no action whatsoever being taken to arrest the CEOs of the drug companies who knowingly sell dangerous drugs that kill people.

Where are the arrests of the CDC officials who pushed useless flu vaccines, knowing that they, too, would cause neurological destruction and even death in some children?

Where are the arrests of the food company executives who knowingly lace their products with MSG, aspartame, sodium nitrite, hydrogenated oils and other poisons that promote degenerative disease?

How about the crackdowns on the evil GMO corporations that have unleashed genetic pollution across our planet in their greedy quest for profit at the expense of life on Earth?

No, the great police state government that now runs America doesn’t bother the real criminals who get away with murder every single day by poisoning the food, the medicine and the crops. They all have legal immunity because the system won’t bother dealing with their large-scale crimes. Instead, the power of the corrupt police state is exercised against small, local farms and food businesses which remain the only option through which everyday people can find real food that isn’t artificially modified or contaminated with chemical additives.

What we witnessed at Rawesome Foods yesterday was an act of government-sponsored terrorism leveled against a health food buyer’s club with the sole intent of destroying food. It’s as if we’re all watching an Orwellian BOOK BURNING!

Except they weren’t burning books; they were pouring raw milk down the drain and destroying up to $50,000 worth of wholesome, organic, farm-fresh food. Keep in mind this is happening at a time when starvation is on the rise in America — and our own government is running around DESTROYING FOOD!

Government thugs are the real terrorists today

These people are terrorists, folks. The California Dept. of Agriculture, the LA County Sheriff’s office, the FDA, the CDC… these people are outright terrorists who represent a clear and present danger to the lives and safety of the American people. They should be arrested at gunpoint by the citizens and charged with the crimes they have committed: Theft, kidnapping, destruction of property, conspiracy to commit felony crimes, trespassing and more (see below).

Even Bin Laden did not terrorize everyday people the way that these government criminals have done. The California government and U.S. feds have outdone Osama Bin Laden! They’ve out-terrorized the terrorists! They have targeted innocent citizens at gunpoint and thrown them in jail, destroyed their businesses, confiscated their computers and charged them with felony crimes.

This is government-inspired insanity, folks. And just so you know, this is also the upshot of the new Food Safety Modernization Act which will only see even MORE armed raids on health food stores and farms. So all those people who ignorantly supported the Food Safety Bill have ultimately supported acts of terrorism against the American people. (Told ya so! This is what happens when you give MORE power to a corrupt government that respects no law and no rights…)

Denying access to livesaving foods

Even more, those members of the Rawesome Foods buying club who depend on the facility for their farm-fresh food products are now left without that option. The food they had once planned to buy has now been poured down the drain by California state authorities and federal thugs working for the FDA and CDC (both of which are criminal organizations which respect no law and have long abandoned science).

Remember: They are destroying this raw milk because they don’t want you to be able to drink it! Meanwhile, all the things that admittedly cause disease and kill you — MSG, aspartame, chemotherapy, contaminated flu vaccines, etc. — are all perfectly legal to keep on consuming.

Big Government, you see, isn’t really interested in protecting your health. But it’s extremely interested in protecting Big Business and reminding the commoners that they are total slaves and must do what they’re told or be arrested at gunpoint.

America devolves into lawless anarchy, courtesy of the government itself

With these raids, we are witnessing the collapse of the rule of law in America and the rise of Big Government tyranny against innocent citizens and honest small businesses. The anarchy being unleashed today originates with the government itself which respects no law. Obama launches wars in Libya in total violation of the law; the ATF runs guns into Mexico in complete violation of the law (…); the FDA routinely violates law by knowingly allowing deadly pharmaceuticals to remain on the market; the DEA routinely conducts illegal raids against legal medical marijuana clinics… need I go on?

We are living under lawless government tyranny where state and federal thugs commit any crimes they wish — right out in the open! — and they don’t even care when they’re caught because they know the zombie-brained public is too droned out on daytime television and fluoridated water to do anything about it.

Resist or lose your freedom forever

If we do not take immediate action to resist this, we will all become slaves of the state, and we will be forced to eat dead foods, take CDC-recommended vaccine shots and survive on FDA-enforced pharmaceutical medications. That’s the government plan for you, and that’s why they are engaged in a full-on assault against home gardening, organic farms, raw milk producers and food freedom organizations.

These are acts of war being waged against farmers and small business owners. What these government thugs are doing to Rawesome Foods is exactly what the occupying British soldiers did to the original colonists who suffered under decades of government oppression before finally revolting and fighting for their freedom.

Out-of-control oppressive governments, of course, do everything they can to destroy freedom, oppress free thinking and enslave the people. And they take special measures to silence those who challenge their false authority.

No doubt they are trying to plot some way to raid NaturalNews as well, given that we are one of the few honest news organizations left that’s actually covering these important stories about runaway government tyranny against the People. Don’t be surprised if government thugs attempt to seize our servers and concoct some fictional charges against me personally in their desire to silence what is now becoming one of the strongest voices of commonsense rebellion across the internet:

We serve the interests of the People, and we respect law, liberty and the natural law rights to individually choose our own food, our own medicine and the pursuit of happiness. That commitment to principle, it seems, makes us an enemy of the corrupt thug-infested government which has zero tolerance for free speech or informed members of the public who can still manage to think for themselves.

I’m in good company, of course. If I wind up in front of a firing squad with Paul Craig Roberts on one side and Ron Paul on the other, I’ll know we ultimately won. Because freedom is an infectious idea, and once the flame of freedom has been ignited in new minds, it cannot be so easily extinguished with mere bullets — no matter who they’re aimed at.

I don’t expect the USA to last very much longer, folks. The acceleration of the economic implosion combined with the rapid erosion of the rule of law is thrusting us into an irreversible path toward total collapse. No matter what happens, I will hold fast to the principles of freedom, liberty and limited government upon which our nation was founded. I can only pray that enough of us will survive the coming collapse long enough to help erect a new Republic that restores the freedoms and liberties which once made this nation the greatest in the world.

And for God’s sake, let us all remember to write in sections about food freedom and freedom for natural medicine in whatever future Bill of Rights we may collectively create (which, hopefully, will be based on the original Bill of Rights, but simply expanded to protect even MORE rights of the People). We who respect law are the real patriots. Those in Washington who brazenly ignore the law are the real terrorists. As things move forward in this crazy world, keep that in mind.

Learn more:”

(This is what my post on Food Freedom was all about but Mr Mike Adams says it a lot better. I may need to stop the Food Additive series for a while but I’ll try to continue in the future.)

“(NaturalNews) This is a NaturalNews exclusive breaking new report. Please credit A multi-agency SWAT-style armed raid was conducted this morning by helmet-wearing, gun-carrying enforcement agents from the LA County Sheriff’s Office, the FDA, the Dept. of Agriculture and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control).

Rawesome Foods, a private buying club offering wholesome, natural raw milk and raw cheese products (among other wholesome foods) is founded by James Stewart, a pioneer in bringing wholesome raw foods directly to consumers through a buying club. James was followed from his private residence by law enforcement, and when he entered his store, the raid was launched.

Law enforcement demanded that all customers (members) of the store vacate the premises, then they demanded to know how much cash James had at the store. When James explained the amount of cash he had at the store — which is used to purchase product for selling there — agents demanded to know why he had such an amount of cash and where it came from.

James was handcuffed, was NEVER read his rights and was stuffed into an UNMARKED car. While agents said they would leave behind a warrant, no one has yet had any opportunity to even see if such a warrant exists or if it is a complete warrant.

Note to NaturalNews readers: This was an ILLEGAL raid being conducted mob-style by government thugs who respect no law and no rights. This is an all-out war by the government against people who try to promote healthy raw and living foods.

James is now being held at the Pacific division police department at Centinela and Culver in Los Angeles. He is being held at $123,000 bail with no possibility of using bail bonds. Law enforcement has demanded that if he comes up with the money to cover bail, he must disclose to them all the sources of that money. (This is an illegal demand!)

Law enforcement is now destroying all the Rawesome Foods inventory by pouring the raw milk down the drain and collecting the raw cheese for destruction.

Massive public protests are needed to teach these criminal law enforcement agencies that they cannot illegally arrest and persecute individuals merely for buying and selling raw milk and cheese. We are organizing a public protest day in cooperation with James. Please watch NaturalNews for an announcement of that. Story is developing…

Right now, James needs help raising money with his legal defense needs. Our non-profit Consumer Wellness Center is currently serving as the collection point for donations. You may donate right now at (100% of the donations go directly to James’ legal defense needs, the Consumer Wellness Center keeps nothing).

See this video of James Stewart talking about his farm:…

Here’s background on Healthy Family Farms which was also targeted in the raid:

Healthy Family Farms in Santa Paula, California:

“Healthy Family Farms is a sustainable, pasture-based farming operation. We raise all our livestock on pasture. We raise all of our animals from birth. We do not feed any of our animals soy, choosing instead to feed animals as they are designed to be fed. This results in healthy, sturdy animals needing no hormones, antibiotics, or other artificial “enhancements.” We harvest our animals humanely by hand before they are delivered to the farmers markets. We never freeze our products. In addition to farmer’s markets sales, we have an active CSA, which offers discounts to our valued members.”

Watch for more breaking news on this story. We are fed up with these illegal mob-style raids against the raw foods community! It is time to protest and fight back against tyranny!

(Dear readers: Please pass this story on. Get the word out. Whether or not there is a real reason for the arrest something is wrong here. I will follow this story through the NaturalNews website at

I told you in the first Food Freedom post that my definition of true Food Freedom was the right to Biblically steward (or manage), choose, buy, own, sell, and grow your own food that is healthy for you and those around you. I need to add to that. Food Freedom is also the right to know what is in your food and to know how it was made. Why should we care how the food is made? Aren’t all cereals (for example) made the same way? Don’t all apples, bananas, or tomatoes grow the same way? Aren’t we already told what is in the food on the ingredient list?

In order to answer these types of questions here is some logic that the food industry follows:

Imagine a cereal business. It not only must supply cereal to the buyers but needs to make enough money to do so and enough to keep/pay themselves. (Nothing wrong there, because most businesses need to do this.) But there are so many competitors within the cereal realm, how can this one company get you and everyone else to buy their product? The answer is four-fold. They make their cereal price lower then others, look better then others, cheaper to make, and taste better then others. How does the latter thing happen?

The modern food science industry has grown but in my eyes they (and a host of other realms) have taking one step forward and ten steps back when it comes to ethics. They would put mud in food if they would get one more dollar per sell of their product. They all share ideas behind our backs and it can cost lives.

In order for something to taste good, is it good for your health? No! A modern example would be smoking. Smokers says smoking feels/tastes so good, but when they continue for years they might end up with lung cancer and die from that. Another example comes from Genesis 3:6

“And when the woman [Eve] saw that the tree was good for food [Note: the term “good for food” means it was eatable, it wasn’t really bad for your healthy. Not that it was good/right to eat, because God said for Adam and Eve NOT to eat it in Genesis 2:16-17.], and that it was pleasant to the eyes [Note: “Pleasant” also means “a desirable thing.” Something to lust for or something that just looked so good, like a huge piece of chocolate cake, that Eve had to have it.], and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband [Adam] with her [Note: Eve ate the fruit and did not die physically but she and Adam died spiritually. That being said… Eve loved the taste of the fruit so much that she gave it to her husband.]; and he did eat. [Note: Adam also lusted for the fruit because he did eat.]” (If you read on you will see how God judges both of them because they disobeyed Him)

The point is that just because something looks or tastes good doesn’t mean it really is healthy for you. We need to know what is in our foods and how they are made in order to make the correct food choices.

In today’s age the reason food tastes so good is because of the food additives that are in them. If you pick up a cereal box or cocktail sauce container to read the ingredient list, you can’t! The names of the ingredients are so foreign. Like this one: Potassium Sorbate or Sodium Benzoate or High Fructose Corn Syrup. What are those things? What are they made from? Are they healthy? What are they doing in our food?

Ingredients that no one knows about are being put into our everyday food under the banner of Preservatives or Food Taste Enhancer. Really? Are they Preserving your health, are they Enhancing your foods health benefits?

Modern science has come out with something that is relatively new to most people. It is called Genetically Modified Organisms (called GMOs). What they are are laboratory created foods, i.e. foods made by making animal and plant genes by man to make a new “food.” These GMOs are increasing very fast and are being substituted in many foods for common things like corn and soy. (I will talk more about GMOs in the future but for now…) These GMOs are unhealthy for every thing that lives, yet they are put into everyday foods without any label or reference to them! Why is this? What is going on?

We need to know what is in our food and how those things are made. I plan to do a series on the worst of the worst food additives. In that series I will tell how each item is made. (Some of them might make you throw up… So stay tuned of them!)

As Benjamin Rush said:

“Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come
when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to restrict
the art of healing to one class of Men and deny equal privileges to
others; the Constitution of the Republic should make a Special
privilege for medical freedoms as well as religious freedom.”

That time is now. The food and the medical realms are turning into undercover dictatorships that are controlling how we buy our food. Rush compares the medical freedom to religious freedom. Why do you think? Because the medical realm is, deep down inside, a cult-like religion. Doctors are worshiped as all knowing men who can cure all diseases. Excuse me? Medicines are prescribed for basically everything now. Why and how did this happen? (The answer is to long for this post)

So until I do my series on food additives please read this post on called Food Label: How to Read Ingredient List here: Although their list is not very comprehensive and I believe they missed out soon very bad ingredients, this is the best place for you to start.

Hopefully some honest God-fearing people will change to food and medical realms back toward God.

Praise be to the Great Physician for all Eternity!

What is Food Freedom? My definition of food freedom is the right to Biblically steward (or manage), choose, buy, own, sell, and grow your own food that is healthy for you and those around you. Other people may have different definitions, but that is mine.

So, do we have Food Freedom in the United States of America? Let us look at some modern stories and statistics:

Read this link about “What is Food”: (Think you know the answer… guess again.)

This link as an article on Hunger in America; it is a 2011 article. I encourage you to read it in full, it talks about what hunger and poverty is, how they can be caused and different groups that are trying to end them.

One of their stats is as follows: “In 2008, 17 million households, 14.6 percent of households (approximately one in seven), were food insecure, the highest number ever recorded in the United States. Four million households became food insecure in 2008, the largest increase ever recorded (p. iii, USDA 2008). (To get population figures from family size figures, multiply family size numbers by 2.58, the average family size.)”

One of the ways that this can happen is with higher food prices. High food prices happen in relation to famines, droughts, amount of food grown (surplus verses shortage), wars, bad weather, etc. See this story about the average food prices of today:

But yet in California the food intake for adults has risen over the past three decades:

How in the world does this happen in the USA who has always encouraged living the “American Dream”? How can one live the “American Dream” with this type of food crises?

Some people say that worldwide hunger is caused by to many people in the world and therefore they encourage wars, euthanasia, abortions and the like. But that is just not so. God has given us Stewardship responsibilities before and after the fall of Adam (See Genesis 1:26-31; 2:15, 18-20; 3:17-19; 9:1-17).

We are very poor stewards of food. Read this article, for example, about how in the modern age people are putting man-made hormones into foods:

Buying food at stores like Sam’s Club, Kroger, Food Lion, Walmart, etc etc etc etc… can be really hard because of the changing prices. Like I said above, the prices of food are caused by many different things, so it is not always the stores’ fault. But still, one trip to the food store and you many use over $100 for the next three days worth of food. For more information go here:

(I encourage you to buy at local markets, farmer’s market, and family businesses that sell food because at least you can be reassured where and how the food grows.)

Choosing food usaully depends on a lot of things, such as where you buy it, what you need, how much money you have, and the stores prices. You might go to a store needing twenty items and only come out with ten cause you used all your money, even though you picked the “cheaper” items. In most food stores the “all natural” or “from nature” foods are around the perimeter of the store and all the processed foods are in the center. Most stores price health food higher. Why? One reason is because the junk food is easier to make and there is more demand for junk food. (See: )

Selling food is hard (unless its at a farmer’s market) because you need a license from the government to do so. (If you need a licence or want to see all the different kinds you would need, go here: )

Growing food is hard depending on where you live and how much you want to grow. In cities you can grow ing your background, directly in ground or in pots. In country and rural areas you can grow anywhere you want. The only “problem” with growing your own food is it takes time and maybe a lot of weeding. But in the end, at harvest time, your food will taste amazing because you know where it comes from and you can say that you grew it. Once you grow the food you own it. But what if the government said you can not grow food anymore? Read this:

I have described the main points of my definition above. Now to recap…

(The right to Biblically steward (manage), choose, buy, own, sell, and grow your own food that is healthy for you and those around you.)

Do we have…

Biblical management and stewardship of food in the USA? No, I do not believe so.

A free choice of food in the USA? I do not believe we have anymore because it all depends on what, where, how much, supply and demand, where we live, etc,. To much is depended on to say that the choices of food are free.

A free choice to buy food in the USA? Similar to the last answer; I do not believe we have anymore because it all depends on the prices, supply and demand. Plus buying anything is not free, obviously.

A free choice to sell food? Yes and No; Yes if you go through farmer’s markets, but no if you want to go into the business because you need to go through the government to get licences to do so. Then you most likely will be taxed later on.

A free choice to grow your own food? Yes, but maybe not for long. Yes if you have the passion, equipment and space for growing, not for long if  becomes true.

A free choice to own food? Yes, but food doesn’t just walk to your door, knock, and say “Can you own me?” No, you need to work, buy, trade and or grow for it first. “If you don’t work, you can’t eat.”

So the final question… Do we have true and Biblical Food Freedom in America? I believe we do not, but you do your own research and if you think otherwise or want to add your thoughts please comment on this post or e-mail me at the upcoming e-mail address in the Contact page.

We need to and must re-focus the food industry back to God’s Biblical standards of stewardship with food. Please read how Joseph in Egypt did that in Genesis 41 and read what Jesus Christ says about eating in Matthew 6:25-26.

Praise be to the Great Physician for all Eternity!